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We are thrilled to announce that the latest salon to join our Ambassador Program is Shag86, a glamorous 40-stylist establishment in Little Falls, New Jersey. With a client-centric philosophy, Shag86 has become one of the premier hair care destinations in the country; learn all about them in this Q&A with salon owner, Gerald Ferraro.

Gerald, welcome to the ARROJO Ambassadors Program! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Gerald Ferraro: From the time I began my career sweeping the floor at my uncle's salon to the time I opened the doors to Shag86 in 2004, I've felt a passion for the industry. I wanted to lead a team that felt equally passionate about making people feel great about themselves and how they look, while having some fun along the way. That is true success! One of the highlights of my career was receiving an award for raising money for breast cancer awareness. I created Salons for the Cure and partnered with CBCF (Cure Breast Cancer Foundation) to help raise funds.

We were struck by the incredible reputation your salon has in the community. How did you go about building such a successful and well-respected business?

Gerald Ferraro: We have a great facility and a great team. The salon is a 6500 square foot, industrially-inspired space with high energy and a positive flow. But it's the team that makes it. We are careful to hire passionate and creative artists that love their work and have a like-minded attitude. We do our own educational classes and that helps the team stay inspired, and on the pulse of new trends. Most importantly, we always put client happiness first. People come here to enjoy themselves and leave with a great new style; there's a great atmosphere. People remember that.

Part of our philosophy is to work closely with salon owners to help them build greater success. What do see as the most rewarding and difficult parts of your daily routine?

Gerald Ferraro: There's two things that make me happiest. I love seeing clients walking out the door with a great new look and a beaming smile; and I love mentoring and supporting my stylists, helping them to grow as people and professionals; seeing them build their own success. It can only benefit my business. On the flip side, it is often difficult to balance running a professional salon while considering the personal needs of a large staff. Nick runs a business with over 100 employees, so I'm excited to be able to lean on his experience as I navigate this challenging area of my work.

As a successful business owner, why did you choose to bring the ARROJO product line into your salon?

Gerald Ferraro: I love the products Nick creates, but for me it was more about the partnership than the product. I met Nick at a educational hair show and after years of hearing the same story from the same manufacturers and distributors, it was refreshing to hear someone speak openly and honestly about the business and the craft. We share the same vision, thoughts and philosophies. Nick has an up and coming product brand and we have an up and coming salon brand; I think it's a great connection.

It's great to be on the same page, but in real terms how does the partnership help your business?

Gerald Ferraro: ARROJO is renowned for a world-beating education program. As an Ambassador, we have open access to this education. My team are inspired and incentivized by the prospect of working with and learning from Nick and his staff; it can only make us better. There's also the personal commitment from Nick. He came to teach the introductory product usage and styling class himself, which was an amazing session for everyone. Nick even stayed on to meet and greet our clientele; he introduced the products to them. I don't know another brand that commits to their partners with such gusto.

Are your team and their client enjoying the products?

Gerald Ferraro: The stylists and their clients have taken an immediate liking to the new product line. For me what sets it apart is that the performance matches and exceeds anything we've tried in the past, yet the price point remains accessible.

What's Next for Shag86?

Gerald Ferraro: At Shag86, we have our own mantra: "Life, Hair, and Happiness." We'll continue to work to that goal as we enjoy a prosperous long term commitment with ARROJO.

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